At Breakaway Prep, we want to make sure the college application experience—from test prep to school selection —meets your needs and opens the door to a bright future. Our experienced counselors and tutors would love to help you become one of our success stories.  We think that the process looks different for every student. Some students will need more prep or support than others, while some will need very little.  Our passion is to help families see their options clearly (and there are a lot of options!) and make the best possible decisions.

ACT Test Prep

Our students work with real ACT tests because nothing will prepare them better. We have a written curriculum that works as a companion to the official tests made available for practice. Our one-on-one service is tailored to your child's specific needs: great on math, but not on verbal? Need help on both? Anxious test-taker? We can help!

Start with a free practice test and consultation. Practice tests are Sundays at 10:00 am.  Register online today!

Also available are semi-private 8-session workshops to prepare for the ACT on December 14th or in school on March 2nd. Learn more.

Math Tutoring

We love Math at Breakaway! Using a combination of their classwork, online resources, and our own materials, we will build a strong math foundation.  The student will gain confidence in his or her numerical and analytical abilities.  We have experience with AP Calculus, Everyday Math, Singapore Math, Saxon Math, and Khan Academy.  

"Two weeks of school completed at the number one rated school in the country and you were able to get H. from an average of 63 at the end of last year to a 96 so far this year!  I appreciate your amazing ability to teach.  Thank you for building his confidence and making him realize he can accomplish anything if he puts the work in."  - Jen, mom of 7th grader at BASIS Scottsdale High School

College Counseling

Not sure which college is right for you?  We offer one-on-one counseling in addition to our college application bootcamp  to help with any or all aspects of the admissions process:

  • Developing a "short list" of colleges for application

  • Writing your personal statement and other college essays

  • Building an extracurricular activity resume

  • Completing the Common Application

  • Creating a timeline and work plan to meet all deadlines

Upcoming Events and Workshops