Our entire approach to test prep is guided by one question: What will you need to get where want to go? Not sure which test is the right test for you? We offer practice tests every week -- actual exams published by the College Board and ACT -- so you can see for yourself which one is the best fit.  Great on math, but not on verbal? Need help on both? Dread the science section? Anxious or careless test-taker? We’ve seen it all, and we’ll make sure we provide the sustained and focused attention necessary to put you in the best possible position to succeed.

College admissions exams prove challenging because their standardized nature means there is a gap between the design of the test and what you do in you everyday academic life. Much of what you have to do on these tests looks nothing like what you do in high school courses on the same subjects. This insight has helped us design a strategy curriculum based on thousands of hours of one-on-one work; sitting across desks and tables from kids just like you, learning what works and what doesn’t. And we combine our strategies with ample practice opportunity on real exam materials made available by ACT and College Board (SAT, PSAT).

Free Practice Tests

Practice makes perfect! We offer free practice tests every Sunday and by appointment.  Register today and make sure there will be no surprises on test day!

Semi-Private ACT Workshops

We offer intensive 8-week seminars for juniors scheduled to take the ACT on December 14th or in school on March 3rd.  They will learn effective test-taking strategies and become familiar with the test so there are no surprises on test day!  The classes are great for students looking for a basic introduction to the test, needing to refresh prior prep, or who want to supplement their online prep work.  Limited to 3 students.  Register online today. 

One-on-One Private Tutoring

We meet with students in our office conveniently located less than a mile from the high school.  And if you are not lucky enough to live in Park City, we can still work together over Skype or FaceTime.  One-on-one, we work at the student's pace, customizing the approach and materials to match the student's strengths and challenges.  No need to commit to a certain number of sessions or schedule.  Most students find they get the best results by starting test prep 10-12 weeks before the test working a combined 3 hours a week (tutoring and homework.)

Complimentary Consultation

Not sure what is the right approach?  We would be happy to sit down and talk through the options and provide an overview of the tests.