Thinking about and planning for a college future is serious business, but that doesn't mean it needs to be intimidating.  We are here to make sure you know your college future is bright and full of possibility.  We work with students on an individual basis and also offer a summer and weekend "bootcamp" for rising seniors.

Creating  a Balanced College List

Need to narrow down the 3,500+ colleges? Know which schools are really reaches? targets? safer bets? The process of choosing a college starts with a careful look at yourself.  What are your interests, attitudes, and abilities?  We work with the student to help them understand the differences between colleges and how to match these differences to their interests.  

College Essay Help

Why is it so difficult to write a personal statement?  We think there are a couple of things that make writing the essay challenging.  First, it is personal.   Yuck, who wants to write about their feelings?  Second, there is pressure that the essay has to be "perfect".  This is a myth.  The essay needs to be authentic, but not perfect.  We work with students using a 3-step approach to identify a personal story, explain what they have learned, and explore why what they learned matters.  Using an iterative process, we start big and end up with a compelling narrative that really shows the students personality and defining characteristics.  Learn more.

College Application Bootcamp

Work with our college counseling team to complete your applications months ahead of deadlines. This 4 day program covers all the application components, including the college essay.