Breakaway Prep Park City opened in the summer of 2016 to provide customized tutoring and college counseling services. We specialize in college test prep, college admissions counseling, and math tutoring for all ages.  We also currently have Lia Keyser available for tutoring in Biology and Chemistry.


Kelly Vendetti

Kelly graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business with a Masters in Business Administration in Finance. She tutored students at both schools and was an adjunct professor at Northern Wyoming Community College.  She is currently enrolled in the Certificate Program for College Counseling at UCLA.

When not working with kids, Kelly can be found hiking, cheering on her son (Tyler) at lacrosse, or playing fetch with her dog (Damien) at Willow Creek Dog Park. She also loves cooking, reading, gardening, and cheering on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, the Michigan Wolverines and the Denver Broncos.


Lia Keyser

Lia graduated from Brown University with a degree in Health and Human biology with a focus in Child Development. During her time at Brown, she worked as a peer tutor and advisor. In the past she has worked in clinical research and is now a member of the Deer Valley Ski Patrol. 

Outside of the class room, Lia can be found hiking, biking, skiing and exploring the Wasatch. She also enjoys reading, cooking and spending time with friends. 

Tutoring specialties 

  • Chemistry and Biology

  • ACT prep, including brushing up on the material and test-taking strategies.

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Tasha Arvanitis 

Tasha is spending the summer in the Pacific Northwest, but we are hopeful she will return in the fall.

Tasha is a scientist, teammate, and nature lover. She has an avid curiosity and a desire to learn and share knowledge about the world around her. She's pursued these goals through a mix of scientific work and outdoor leadership and education. She is thrilled to continue to grow and change, increasing her impact on people’s lives.

Tasha studied physics and computer science at Harvey Mudd College. Over the past few years, she's worked as a software engineer, a tutor, a computational chemist, a sea kayak guide, and now as an adaptive ski instructor at the National Ability Center. When not geeking out about physics or skiing, she can be found hiking, reading stacks of books, and playing with her young cousins. 

Tutoring specialties 

  • Physics at any high school level, or one-on-one tutoring beyond the standard curriculum. Specialties in particle physics and astrophysics.

  • Math through and including calculus. 

  • ACT prep, including brushing up on the material and test-taking strategies.

  • Computer science and computer programming.