Higher Test Scores = More Merit Money. Really!


The higher your ACT score, the more merit-money will be available.  Raising your ACT score from a 25 to a 27 is worth an additional $3,000 in scholarship money at the University of Utah. Raising it another point – to 28 – is worth an additional $2,000.    

The U makes the scholarship process easy – simply submit your college application by the Dec 1st priority date, and you will automatically be considered for merit-based scholarships.  No additional application is necessary!

Your GPA is calculated from grades 9 through 11;  the ACT/SAT test scores which you included in your application are also used for scholarship selection.  The latest you can take the ACT is the official October test date – October 27, 2018 for rising seniors.

Here is a summary of some of the merit-scholarships offered at the University of Utah.  Each of these scholarships is for seniors of an accredited Utah high school, public or private, who will be entering as freshmen.  Renewable scholarships are contingent on maintaining specific GPA and number of courses per semester. 

Trustee Scholarships

The Trustee Scholarships are based on your GPA and ACT/SAT scores; the minimum qualifying GPA is 3.0 and ACT score is 26.  

S - Trustees.jpg

Selective Merit Scholarships

The Utah Flagship Scholarship, Utah Academic Scholarship, and Academic Recognition Award

Utah also offers four scholarships rewarding top academic achievement.  Recipients are chosen by University committee from a pool of applicants, who qualify under an index that gives two-thirds consideration to GPA and one-third to ACT/SAT score.

The GPA/ACT requirements to receive a merit-based scholarship varies from year to year, depending on the funding that is available, size, and quality of the applicant pool.  I have included representative scores (from 2014-15) to provide context. These are NOT official cutoffs.

s - Merit.jpg

The President’s Scholarship

This is the big one!  Worth approximately $35,000, this scholarship covers tuition, fees, plus the choice of an on-campus housing award or a cash award.  Selection is based on academic excellence, and like the other merit scholarships, the cutoff GPA and ACT scores vary from year to year.  Shown below are representative of 2014-15.  The academic rigor of your high school classes are also considered as part of the selection process.

S - Presidents.jpg

These are just a few of the scholarship opportunities at the University of Utah.  Check out their website for the most current information and a full listing.

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